Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess.

At Party Princesses CNY, we set out to provide free birthday dresses, shoes, tiaras and jewelry to any young girl in need so she can feel like a princess for the day.

Upcoming Events

Easter Giveaway:
Saturday, April 1st at Destiny Christian Church, 516 Turtle St. Syracuse, NY. Registration is required for this event.
Event is for children 10 and under.

Egg My Yard Fundraiser: Order your candy and prize filled eggs to be scattered through your yard the night before Easter. Orders due by April 5th!
25 eggs for $25              50 eggs for $40

Looking to Donate?

We accept new and gently used dresses, necklaces, shoes, and tiaras, suitable for a princess.

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Need a Dress for a Princess?

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Our Princesses

Want to Know More?

This page was inspired by a little girl named Raina who’s only request for her birthday was a party dress. I came across Raina’s request in a pay it forward Facebook group. Someone else filled her request but it got me wondering how many other little girl go without a party dress on their birthday. Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess on her birthday.

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